Optional custom decoder in Elm

It seems that parsing JSON into Elm’s model is not that easy. For start, the package that comes with elm does not let you map more than 8 fields in an object (v 0.18), so they recommend using external package elm-decode-pipeline. My main issue was parsing optional nested model inside the main model. Parent model looks like this:

type alias Meetup =
    { name : String
    , time: String
    , url: Maybe String
    , coordinates : Maybe Coordinates

and optional (Coordinates) model:

type alias Coordinates =
    { latitude : String
    , longitude : String 

Decoding values

In order to properly decode optional values, we need a decoder for both Model and Coordinates model. They look as following:

meetupDecoder : Decode.Decoder Meetup
meetupDecoder =
    decode Meetup
        |> required "name" Decode.string
        |> required "time" Decode.string
        |> optional "url" (Decode.map Just Decode.string) Nothing
        |> optional "coordinates" (Decode.map Just coordinatesDecoder) Nothing
coordinatesDecoder : Decode.Decoder Coordinates
coordinatesDecoder =
    decode Coordinates
        |> required "latitude" Decode.string
        |> required "longitude" Decode.string

Retrieving coordinate values

When rendering, we need to retrieve keys for coordinate, but they are wrapped in Just elm wrapper. Parsing function would do the trick:

getMaybeCoord : Maybe Coordinates -> Coordinates
getMaybeCoord ma =
    case ma of
        Just a ->

        Nothing ->
            Coordinates "" ""

and using it in view would look something like this 1:

div [] [ text ((getMaybeCoord meetup.coordinates).latitude ++ " " ++ (getMaybeCoord meetup.coordinates).latitude) ]
  1. Would be better to extract parsing of coordinated to another function, but for my demo it would suffice